The chicory
Veneto has been always considered the "cradle" of the Radicchio (chicory) and Evergreen Europe S.r.l. rooted in the territory thanks to the close collaboration with the company Ortopadana , became protagonist in Italy and abroad in the packaging and distribution of the whole range Radicchio (chicory).

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and over 100 hectares of own production, the Ortopadana has become a leading company on the national territory, where product quality and customer satisfaction are always placed first.

The entire production chain is managed in order to guarantee a high quality product. Production chain, in addition to modern refrigerating cells, allows the period of commercialisation to be extended until the spring. The pursuance of the availability continues from controlled production of the centre and the south of Italy, thus guaranteeing a supply of 12 months' round per year.
Washing and trimming